General information

The main priority of the „Carpathian Region as an Attractive Tourist Destination“ project is to support the social and economic development of the region by means of a coordinated development of tourism in individual areas, as well as in the destination as a whole. The project is a part of the cross-border cooperation programme of 4 countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

Project implementation duration:
24 months
Project implementation starting date:
Project implementation end date:
Affiliated partners:
City of Košice
Košice Self-Governing region
Carpathian Foundation Košice
Total project costs:
219 699,88 EUR
Total ENPI contribution:
197 729,88 EUR


The aim of the project is to influence tourism market in a positive way by means of creating of an informal platform – an international tourism cluster serving as the platform on local levels in individual regions, too, in order for the number of visitors’ arrivals to the border regions to increase. The project implementation will also serve as a long-term instrument for the development of tourism products in the given region.

Specific objectives

  • Developing of a platform for the cooperation of local key tourism actors in all areas by linking the public and private sectors (transfer of know-how and experience also in the areas where a certain form of cooperation is already in place).
  • Preparation of the tourism strategy for the destination (destination management plan), inclusive of action plans, which will be implemented within the destination.
  • Preparation of the marketing and promotion study to be implemented on individual levels, as well as the preparation of training courses for the identified key actors.
  • Initiation of a process of the unofficial cross-border tourism cluster establishment by the destinations identified in the strategy, with the platforms created also on local levels.

Target groups

  • Public sector in the relevant towns/cities and regions, civic associations, important private sector key actors operating in the field of tourism, educational institutions specialising in tourism education, subjects responsible for the creation of local and regional policies, tour operators.

Main activities

  1. Development of the cooperation platform within the cross-border region.
  2. Preparation of the joint strategy and of the action plan for the destination.
  3. Preparation of the common marketing strategy and of the promotion study.
  4. Implementation and development of the educational programme.
  5. International conference focused on innovations in tourism and destination development.
  6. Preparation of the interactive web platform for the cross-border region with the aim to promote sustainability of the established partnerships.

Expected results

  • Developed cooperation platforms for individual partners on local levels.
  • Efficient knowledge of the destination management strategy / plan implementation.
  • Introduction of efficient promotional and product and destination marketing methods based on the newest trends.
  • Key actors’ ability to implement the action plan and strategy.
  • Tourism subjects informed of innovations in tourism, markets and the entire sector; results introduced on local, regional and national levels for the development of tourism.
  • Interactive cross-border project web platform for the monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development of the project and of the established partnerships.